Finding a security company can be very difficult but finding interesting facts when it comes to security can be easy. As we have seen many changes in the industry there are bound to be some facts which can be fascinating to many. Some of these interesting facts include.

Most Burglaries

This is one of the most well known fact, as it is said that 30% of all the burglaries happen in a house which has an open door or window. Try to keep everything in check and make sure that all the door and windows are locked to ensure that you can reduce the chances of burglary happen at your place.



Summer moths are the dangerous

This can be fascinating to many that most of the burglaries have occurred during the summer month. Be aware during these months to ensure that your house or business does not become the next target.

Homes without security

As we are growing the technology house are much more safe today. There are many houses with  security systems which is much lesser when it comes to the targeting the areas which are not equipped with the right security system which can help you and your family stay safe.

More than 2000000 are reported each year

There are more than 2000000 reported in US each year. These burglaries are mostly from residential areas. And upto 66% of the burglaries are residential break-ins. Also, only 17% of the homes have a security system which can be the reason for these many burglaries.

Cars stolen every 2 mins

It is reported that upto 2500+ cars are stolen each day. This due to the demand of cars in black market. If the numbers are calculated that is one car every 2 mins. This is the reason why it is important to find the right service like Dominance’s door staff at Melbourne venues.

Most likely months of home break-ins

It is reported than Jul an August are the most likely months of your house facing a break-in. Whereas, February is the most unlikely month to face the same problem. Also, this is a very serious problem as most of the home invasions cause assaults of various types on the home owners.

Corner homes are much likely

This is one fact which states that more homes are burglarized if they are situated in the corner of the house. Also, there is also a fact which states that if your house has been burglarised once the chances of the house getting burglarized increases again.

Most break-ins are through the doors

Statistically most of the break-ins are done through the doors. This is due to the low visibility from the streets and neighbours. This can also lead to nobody catching the wind of the game when the burglars break-in.