The Bike Rodeo Returneth

The Goddamn Bike Rodeo 9pm-2am Heres what happens when you take all that time spent preening and grooming and put it towards something actually useful. Like building ridiculous cycle contraptions for bold public consumption. You, too, can be a part of the imminent lawsuit. Grab yer beer, dig in yer heels, and shout something indecipherable.
Every Doggie Head Has Its Day 9pm-2am Don’t miss San Francisco’s beloved icons the Doggie Diner Dog Heads upon their triumphant return from an epic road trip across the United States.

In cahoots with San Francisco’s notorious underground Cyclecide Bike Rodeo, the Dog Heads toured singular American monuments and road side attractions such as, Mt Rushmore, The Capital Mall in D.C, Cadillac Ranch, Grace Land, Grand Canyon, etc. Cyclecide and the Dog Heads took NYC by storm with a sold out show at CBGB’s in Manhattan, SF premier lounge singer, Mr. Lucky singing With the Doggie Diner Heads in Times Square, culminating in a huge Bike Rodeo in Brooklyn the following day
Come to the Odeon to welcome back these road warriors from their grand pilgrimage through the heart of America and back. Watch the Mini Bike Rodeo, “saloon tested” on the road, as rodeo clown and stunt guys and gals risk their lives for no good reason, other than chicken john’s watered down booze. See amazing images from the road trip and watch Jarico Reese’s truly compelling play written while on the road incorporating real people, places and events into theater like you’ve never seen ………..and probably never want to again.

For Cyclecide Bike Rodeo And The Dog Heads toured. Click Here.