Y’onis Big Adventure

the SHut Inn’s 9:30pm-10:30pm Yes, David Kaye, purveyor of all things bluegrass, western swing and suchlike, has picked us another winner. The Shut In’s. I know, it sounds like a hotel band but they are a good, solid hawaiin kinda thing. The will most likely do 2 sets unless they get really drunk. 

Y’oni Wannaleia and The Big Island Boys 10:30pm-11:30pm Everyones favorite island hopping lounge singer is washed up on the mainland for a triumphant return. Reuinited with lush luminaries of Odeon prehistory-

Yes, its the Big Island Boys-

Tyler of The Brown Whornet

Kenn Ball of Acid Caberet

Chicken John of Chicken John

Freddi Price of Rube Waddell

and of course Zoli as Yoni Wannalayya!!!

Praise the fire gods, folks, this here is the finest bunch of good fer nuthins since the Bitch Boys released Good Vibrators onto the airways. Come be moved, in that special way. Its the beginning of something big.

Camanda Galactica 9pm-2am She is a fire eatin/danc’n superhero. Clown. Slut. Whatever, she’s fun and she’s georgious. She shoots fire out of her hoo hoo. 
Some ukealee guy 9pm-2am I forgot his name, but he’s gonna come and uke till ya puke.

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