Top Sacramento Locations for Opening a Bar

The properties in and around Sacramento areas are in great demand owing to the continuous growth and development in the region. Considering the regional development and growth in population, the place has become a hot cake for real estate agents and businesses such as restaurants and bars. Some of the best locations in Sacramento include Elk Grove, Folsom, Oak Park and West Sacramento.

Elk Grove

It is located south of Sacramento and is the second largest city in the Sacramento. The city has a population of around 169,743 as of 2016. The city is host to famous companies like Apple, Kaiser, Wal-Mart, Bimbo Bakeries, etc. which employs around thousands of employees.  According to one reputable property management firm, though there are a good number of bars and restaurants in the city, Elk Grove is still one of the best places to open a bar as the city attracts tourists and visitors from different places.

Moreover, the city has lots of greenbelts, parks and aquatic centers making it one of the most attractive places for home buyers to invest and raise a family. The increasing interest of home buyers is a positive sign for opening a bar in Elk Grove as it presents an opportunity to access increasing market.

West Sacramento

The city situated in downtown Sacramento is the most attractive and is on top of the list for opening a bar in Sacramento area because this city is yet to be explored and is still to receive the real kind of demand. While its neighborhood Broderick is booming and West Sacramento is poised to receive spillover effect of the development boom in Broderick area One can open a bar in West Sacramento with long-term goals set across three to five years by when the market will be booming. The rates have already picked up and the growth in population has picked up owing to increased interest in the locality. Despite the fact that there are numerous bars and restaurants in the city, it is still an investment opportunity for opening a bar with growing interest in the residential property and increasing population.


The place is also known as Folsom Prison and Folsom Lake and is located at the foothills of Sierra Nevada. The prices in the area have skyrocketed by 25 percent during the past year and there are lots of buyers in the area The Folsom area, both old and new is undergoing great transformation and is being renovated under the investment program of $2 million for street renovation, restaurants, hotels, for

attracting new upscale buyers. This is a good opportunity for someone looking to open a bar in Sacramento city. The city has a population of around 77271 as of 2016 and is expected to grow incrementally over a couple of years owing to the city development plans and growth in real estate sector.

Oak Park

This is one of the neighborhoods in Sacramento, California situated within the city limits providing easy access to the Downtown of Sacramento. This area is on this list because it is currently the hot market for real estate dealers and families are looking to settle down in this area which will boost the population growth. The Oak Park Brewing Company and other developments in this region make it a notable investment location for opening a bar as this place hosts numerous events that attract good people who are drawn to bar and restaurant to spend leisure time.